Workshop on Renewable Sources of Energy

A Workshop on "Renewable Sources of Energy" was organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, V.M.K.V Engineering College on 18 Aug 2018 in the seminar hall of the department of mechanical Engineering. The programme was presided over by the Respected Principal Dr. A Nagappan.

Dr. P. Selvam, HOD/EEE and Prof. N. Rajan HOD Mechanical Engineering welcomed the gathering. The programme was attended by the student of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments. The Programme was conducted by the following resource members:
  1. Dr. R. Devarajan,
  2. Prof. V. K. Krishnan,
  3. Prof. M. Saravanan

Then the session was handed over to Dr. R. Devarajan, he explained about the basic concepts of renewable energy and various renewable energy resources. In his presentation he explained about how to produce electrical power by various available Renewable Sources of Energy. During the session Prof. V. K. Krishnan and Prof. M. Saravanan explained about different types of renewable source of energy.

At the end of the session Prof. N. Rajan / HOD Mechanical Engineering thanked Dr. R. Devarajan, Prof. V. K. Krishnan and Prof. M. Saravanan for their valuable presentation.