Gaja Relief Fund

For Gaja relief fund the Principal and Faculties of Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College a constituent college of Vinayaka Missions Research FoundationDeemed to be University , Salem voluntarily donated one day salary. On following this college principal and Team of faculties made a arrangements on Thursday (6.12.2018 ) at 5.00 PM, a bus with 22 Members team went to the spot ,to distribute 200 bags which contains 25 provisional items such as 5Kg rice,toor-dhal, tuermeric,sojji, salt, biscuits andetc., Dr. A. Nagappan Waved the flag and send the team. The arrangements are did by NSS Program Coordinator VMRF- DU Dr.P.Selvvam, NSS faculties Mrs. T.Narmadha , Mr.S.Krishnaraj , Mr.C. Thangavel , Dr.P.M.Murali and NSS Voluenteers.