Industry Oriented Entrepreneurial Skill Development Programme

Production Technology (CNC Programming) & Automotive Servicing

Inauguration of the skill development was conducted on 02.08.2018 by Prof. V. R. R. Rajendran, Vice Chancellor, VMRF-DU and the students from the department of Mechanical, Automobile and Aeronautical have registered their name for the above two programs. Nearly a batch of 40 students have registered for both the programs.

In the Production Technology (CNC Programming) Dr. S. Venkatesan, Professor, Prof. S. Natarajan, Associate Professor and Prof.M. Saravanan, Assistant Professor have briefed about the G codes and M codes which is the basic for writing the programming for machining operation in the CNC milling and CNC lathe machines. 36 hours of training was given to the students in which the students were trained to write a CNC program for a given specification and simulate the same in the software. At present each student has completed 5 job works in both CNC lathe and milling machine. The students are now able to write a CNC program and are able to perform machining operations. After this, students will carry out the machining in the CNC machines.

In the Automotive Servicing, Prof. T. Raja, Associate Professor, Prof. R.Prabhakar, Associate Professor and Prof. R. Chandrasekar, Assistant Professor, have briefed the students about the various parts and functions of the automobile like engine, transmission system, steering system, gear box, differential gear, suspension etc. Then the students were trained to undergo basic servicing in two wheeler like chain adjustment, spark plug cleaning, engine oil replacement & basic repair works and in four wheeler like cleaning of the air filter, applying grease, fine tuning the engine, checking the electrical connection, starting motor service, wheel alignment etc. After 45 hours of training, the students are able to find the basic default in the two wheeler and four wheeler and are able to repair it.