In-House Workshop on Eqipments for Bioprocerssing Laboratory

A workshop on “Eqipments for Bioprocerssing Laboratory” was organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Vinayaka Missions Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College, Salem-636308, Tamil Nadu, and India on 18-11-2018.
The following lists of equipments were used in bioprocessing laboratory. The instruments are used to make use of microbial, animal and plant cells and components of cells such as enzymes to manufacture new products and destroy harmful wastes. Use of microorganisms to transform biological materials for production of commercial products from relatively cheap materials such as industrial alcohol and organic solvents to expensive specialty chemicals such as antibiotics, therapeutic proteins and vaccines. Following this, hands on training was given to the lab instructors and they got benefited.
List of Equipments for which hands on training was given.
  1. Mini centrifuge
  2. Orbital shaker
  3. Fermentor
  4. Ultrasonicator
Participants of Workshop
  1. Mr. C. Yuvaraj
  2. Mr. C. Saravanan