One Day Workshop on "Fabrication of Fibre reinforced Composites"
A one day workshop was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 16.03.2018 in the Seminar Hall of the Department. The topic of the one day workshop was "Fabrication of Fibre reinforced Composites". The workshop was inaugurated by our Honourable Principal Dr.A.NAGAPPAN, at 10 AM in the Seminar Hall. The seminar was attended by the students of second year and third year Mechanical, Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering along with the HOD Mechanical Department Prof. N.RAJAN, Senior Professor Dr.K.G.MUTHURAJAN and other staff members. The inaugural address was delivered by Honourable Principal Dr.A.NAGAPPAN, during which he emphasized the importance of composite materials in the development of today's industries especially in the fields of Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Bio Medical Engineering etc.

Principal called upon the students to update their knowledge in the development and application of composite materials which is the need of the hour. Professor Dr.K.G.Muthurajan explained to the students about the practical applications of composite materials with the help of suitable examples from materials used in our daily life. The program was conducted in three sessions. The forenoon session consisted of presentation regarding the development of composite materials which included two power point presentations by the resource persons Prof.J.Sathees Babu and Prof. J.Rabi and also students were exposed to a video on the fabrication of the composite materials. During the afternoon third session a practical demonstration was given by the resource persons to the students enabling them to have individual hands on experience in the fabrication of the composite materials.