Biomedical Engineering

About the Department

The department was established with an undergraduate programme in Biomedical Engineering in 2003. The PG programme was inaugurated in the year 2004 – 2005 with active clinical partnership in association with our sister institution,Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Medical College & Hospital (VMKVMC) - Since then, the department has been actively engaged in diversified research and teaching. The department has endowed with effective application of engineering principles in the medical field.


The department is very well supported by the Vinayaka Mission Institute of Medical Science (VIMS) - and Annapoorana Medical College & Hospital (AMCH) - These hospitals are having all sophisticated biomedical equipments where our students are given hands on training in clinical and non-clinical departments.


The department is aiming to achieve attainable targets, including identifying novel areas of biomedical research, receiving more grant proposals, added publications in journals and conferences, increasing the number of internal and external industrial collaborations, strengthening the department and helping the students in pursuing a successful career in the biomedical discipline.

  • To impart knowledge towards the application of engineering concepts and analytical techniques to biological and medical problems.
  • To develop new concepts, instrumentation, and materials for use with living systems.
  • To keep the students abreast of new technologies in the field of medicine and biotechnology and to make them an intelligent resource to look after the most expensive part of the hospitals.
  • To emphasize teamwork, communication skills, and hands-on laboratory and research experience.

Programme Offered

These Programme aim at students who are interested in both medicine and engineering. This programme blends traditional engineering techniques with biological sciences to improve the quality of human health and focuses on understanding complex living systems and use of technology & systems to improve diagnosis and treatment.


Professor & Head

According to the recent survey in IEEE's Spectrum Magazine, "Biomedical Engineering is one of the best areas to work in". Biomedical engineers are expected to have employment growth that is much faster than the average for all other occupations. "The aging of people and the focus on health issues will drive demand for better medical devices and equipments designed by biomedical engineers". Students can look forward to many exciting careers in the manufacturing units of medical equipment companies, medical R&D institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The annual package offered to students placed in biomedical industry is about 7000 USD, on an average.

Biomedical Equipments

CT Machine Full Setup


X-Ray Machine

Ultrasound Machine

Biomedical Instruments

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
  • The course educates on how to gain technical expertise in biology and medicine simultaneously and contribute effectively in the development and improvement of healthcare solution.
  • The biomedical engineers strive towards attaining perfection in the world of medicine and healthcare and enhancing the quality of life of suffering patients.
  • Apply fundamental concepts in the biomedical engineering to public health issues, in particular, in the detection, treatment and prevention of disease.
  • Understand the contribution of advanced biomedical disciplines to public health.
  • Understand and demonstrate the proper conduct of scientific research

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UG (Full Time) - Curriculum & Syllabus
B.E (Biomedical) FT: 2017     2016     2015     2012

B.E (Full Time): 2017     2016     2015     2012